Z/IPStream A/XE software TL-Z-IP-XE

Z/IPStream A/XE combines audio processing with MP3 or AAC encoding in one convenient application.


  • Process and encode multiple streams in various formats simultaneously
  • Wideband AGC
  • 3-band compressor / limiter, EQ, low-pass filter and a precision look-ahead final limiter
  • Encode the processed audio directly to MP3 or AAC streams or feed a remote replication server at the ISP
  • Compatible with Shoutcast, IceCast, Wowza, Live365, Windows Media Server, Adobe Flash Media Player
  • Virtual Patch Cable allows Z/IPStream A/XE to receive audio, process it, and send it to other software on the same PC
  • Streams can be “tagged” with "now-playing" information received from automation systems etc
  • Built-in scheduler for stopping & starting streams or changing processing presets at specific times
  • Runs silently as a background service
  • Can be fully managed and configured remotely with a web browser
  • Requires Windows XP and later, Minimum 512MB RAM, 20MB free hard-drive space and Network Interface Card