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Omnia.9 is based on a completely new platform which is unlike anything ever offered within the Omnia family. Omnia.9 has 4 independent processing core to simultaneously process FM, AM and HD and even offer encoding for internet stream. A "Dual Path" version has the capability to process two entirely distinct program paths.


Omnia.9 FM/AM
This standard configuration offers processing for FM or AM, with optional and simultaneous processing for HD-1, HD-2 and HD-3. Each HD source can also be independently processed and encoded for stream audio.
FM and AM transmitters can be simultaneously processed, if the FM and AM stations are 100% simulcast and from the same transmitter site.

Omnia.9 Dual Path
This Dual Path configuration offers processing for 2 independent radio stations. Each station also receives separate and simultaneous processing for HD-1 plus independent processing and encoding for stream audio. Dual path version also includes the RDS encoding free of charge.
Can process the FM+AM+HD+STREAM / FM+HD+STREAM configuration (if the AM station is 100% simulcast of one of the 2 FM stations).


  • Each processing core is fully adjustable and has selectable 2 to 7 bands
  • 3-stage wideband AGC with adjustable sidechain equalization
  • Psychoacoustic distortion-masking clipper for unprecedented clarity and intelligibility
  • "Undo" technology corrects the over-processed source material (so common in contemporary music) by removing the distortion and restoring the dynamics
  • Multiband look-ahead limiter
  • 2-band final look-ahead limiting for HD
  • Dry voice detector improves quality of voice-only content
  • Selectable SSB (Single Sideband) stereo encoder
  • IP stream encoding/processing is built-in for HD *
  • Supports encoding to MP3 (MPEG-1 Layer 3), MP2 (MPEG-1 Layer 2), AAC, aacPLUS, HE-AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA and WMA Pro *
  • RDS encoder, dynamically updatable **
  • HTTP push support for automation, such as dynamic RDS and streaming song titles, preset recall **
  • Front panel 7" touch-screen GUI
  • Full remote control
  • Dayparting (scheduled preset selection)
  • Studio Output with very low latency for talent monitoring
  • Composite pass-through (relay bypass) for your backup processor
  • Dual independent power supplies
  • Chassis rack 3RU

* Available with an HD + Stream option

** Available with RDS option. Omnia.9 Dual Path is delivered with RDS option free of charge.